Pastors and Directors

Gary Shows

Interim Executive Pastoroffice: 601-450-3012

Philip Slusher

Missions Pastoroffice: 601-450-3079

Brad Hodges

Discipleship Pastoroffice: 601-450-3050

Paul Koonce

Worship Pastoroffice: 601-450-3056

Drew Chapman

Associate Pastor/Young Adultsoffice: 601-450-3080

Randy Sims

Associate Pastor for Counseling and Prayer Ministryoffice: 601-450-3080

David Douglas

Sports & Recreation Pastoroffice: 601-450-3074

Ben Beasley

High School Pastoroffice: 601-450-3065

Drew McDonald

Middle School Pastoroffice: 601-450-3067

Jonathan Guerry

College Pastoroffice: 601-450-3065

Rich Oppedisano

True North Church Pastor

Kelli Brent

Children's Directoroffice: 601-450-3043

Traci Roberts

Preschool Directoroffice: 601-450-3068

Ann Claire Bennett

Learning Depot Directoroffice: 601-450-3070

Larry Ponder

Business Administratoroffice: 601-450-3026

Tanner Cade

Media Directoroffice: 601-450-3028

Support Staff

Hailey Barron

Receptionist office: 601-450-3000

Jansen Bounds

Associate Recreations Directoroffice: 601-450-3074

Jessica Engle

Discipleship Assistantoffice: 601-450-3050

John David Fortenberry

Associate Recreations Directoroffice: 601-450-3074

Janice Gundy

Worship Ministry Assistantoffice: 601-450-3058

Debbie Herndon

Administrative Assistant and Housekeeping Supervisoroffice: 601-450-3027

Laura Holmes

Oasis Supervisoroffice: 601-450-3040

Ariel Howell

Missions Assistantoffice: 601-450-3079

David Kanga

Production Tech Directoroffice: 601-450-3055

Mary Ann Little

Preschool Assistantoffice: 601-450-3069

Jonathan McNair

Digital Storytelleroffice: 601-450-3032

Tami Sanders

Recreation Ministry Assistantoffice: 601-450-3074

DeCarlo Shaw

Facilities Supervisoroffice: 601-450-3059

Dax Smith

Graphic Designeroffice: 601-450-3029

Olivia Steele

Children's Ministry Assistantoffice: 601-450-3043

Amy Thornton

Pastoral Ministry Assistantoffice: 601-450-3012

Melissa Treat

Student Ministry Assistantoffice: 601-450-3065

Susan Ward

Pastoral Ministry Assistantoffice: 601-450-3080

Vicki Welborn

Church Accountantoffice: 601-450-3024

Bonnie Williams

Financial Assistantoffice: 601-450-3023