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email to church may 26

Hello TBC Family,

I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend and that you took some time to both rest and to give thanks for the sacrifice to all of our Military Personnel (and their families). As the old saying goes, “Freedom isn’t Free” and may we never take our freedom for granted.

Speaking of freedom, one of the greatest freedoms we have is the freedom to gather together for worship. While we’ve taken a voluntary pause from corporate worship gatherings for the past 12 weeks we are excited to resume our on-campus gatherings in two weeks on Sunday, June 7, at 9AM and 11AM! Below are some important details about June 7 along with a few other things you need to know:


  • SUNDAY WORSHIP RSVP LINK – To help us better prepare for Sunday, June 7, we are asking you to RSVP for the service you / your family will be attending. The reservation link is available on home page, the Featured Event page, as well as on the TBCLIFE app (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR FREE APP). We need you to RSVP for worship each week and I want to thank you in advance for doing so. Your weekly RSVP will help us reenter the church in a safe, spacious, and sanitized way. 
  • HOPE CLINIC DIAPER DRIVE ON JUNE 7-8 – One of our local mission partners, Hope Clinic, is in need of diapers sizes 3-6. Hope Clinic is a 501c3, non-profit ministry who fights for the life of the unborn and ministers to those in crisis. As we renter the church on Sunday, June 7, we are asking you to bring a pack of diapers (size 3-6) to help stock the Hope Clinic shelves. Diapers can also be dropped on Monday, June 8, from 9AM-12PM at the Grand Foyer Entrance. For more information on the ministry of Hope Clinic, visit their website at
  • JONAH (BIG FISH) TOURNAMENT ENDS SATURDAY– Since we are studying the book of Jonah and his experience with the BIG FISH, we’ve decided to have a little fun with a social distancing fishing tournament. Here are the rules:
    • You can only record fish caught in one single day (from sun-up to sun-down)
    • No more than two people per team
    • Freshwater fish only
    • You must post your catch hanging on a scale with the weight clearly in view
    • Send a picture of your fish and total weight to
    • Prizes will be awarded for (1) Most Total Weight—5 Fish Limit, (2) Biggest Fish (2) Smallest Weighable Fish 

Just in case you are still in the dark on our Phased Reentry into the church on Sunday, June 7, please visit our website at for all the information we’ve provided thus far. As always, you can email me at if you have any questions. Until then, have a blessed week and remember…

You are Loved,

Pastor David



Email to church May 14

Dear Temple Family,

Late yesterday afternoon, a support staff member here at Temple informed our church leadership that she has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Please watch the video to hear more about this situation and the steps we are taking to address it. Also, please know the following: 

  • Starting today the church office will once again only be open on Wednesday’s from 9AM – 5PM
  • Staff who’ve had contact with this particular support staff are staying home and monitoring their condition and two others are considering getting tested out of an abundance of caution
  • Should another employee test positive for COVID-19 we will likely test all employees
  • Only limited staff members will be allowed to work on campus for the next two weeks
  • All TBC staff members will have their temperature taking upon arrival
  • All TBC staff members on campus will practice social distancing and other preventative measures
  • ALL plans to reenter TBC for worship on Sunday, June 7th remain TENTATIVE at this time
  • Please pray for our staff and church leadership, each other, and for health, healing and wisdom for us all in the coming days

Again, please watch the video, and as always, should you have any questions send me an email at  .

Thanks again and you are loved, 

Pastor David

Email to church May 12

Dear Temple Family,

Please take just a few moments to watch this week’s video as it includes some very important information regarding our tentative reentry plans for Sunday worship starting June 7, our simplified and revised Summer schedule, and a SECOND Sunday morning worship hour. In addition, here are the links for the Phased Re-entry documents that I mentioned in the video, as well as, the new 14 question survey that we need you/your family to complete:

Exciting but different days await us all and I am thankful to be on this journey with you! As always, know you are being prayed for; and, should you have any questions related to the TENTATIVE plans we’ve put forth, just send me an email at and I will do my best to answer them.

Have a great day and remember, you are loved.

Pastor David


Email to church May 07

Dear TBC Family,

As you know, the leadership of TBC made the decision many weeks ago to move our Sunday morning worship gathering to online through May 10th. Due to the COVID-19 virus and the large / unique make up of our church family and how do we church (one large, crowded, Bible Fellowship and Worship hour) that decision was not made lightly.

Like you, I long to gather with our church family because, in all honesty, I am personally struggling with this time of separation. Leading up to the COVID-19 crisis I felt I was finally hitting my stride as your new pastor. In addition, my family was establishing new relationships and finding a new rhythm in a brand new place, and we also had so much great momentum as a church! Now we are scattered all around the area and I’m preaching to 2700 empty seats every week ☹. But…better days are coming and I’m excited to announce our TENTATIVE plans to hold some type of on-campus worship gathering(s) starting Sunday, June 7. How big, what venues, and what those service and service times will look like have yet to be determined so please be on the lookout for more information in the coming days and remember, it’s all tentative so be flexible. In addition:

  • Senior Circle on Saturday: Don’t forget to drive thru the church parking lot this Saturday, May 9 from 5-6PM as we honk, cheer, celebrate, and honor our High School Grads!
  • Mother’s Day Chocolate and Flowers Drive Thru on Sunday: Families be sure to drive your mom to the Grand Foyer this Sunday afternoon from 2-3PM. Our staff be on site to hand out chocolate and flowers, and we will also be giving away five (5) $100 gift cards to some lucky moms!
  • New Sermon Series: To help us recapture some momentum, this Sunday we are kicking off a brand new 8 week series on the Book of Jonah called “Life. Lessons.” For the next 8 weeks every age group from PreK to Prime Timers will be studying the same book, reading the same scriptures, and praying for the same things. We also have a few fun things planned and hopefully some upcoming Love the Hub opportunities as well (still in the works) so be sure to download the May calendar (click here) to see it all in one, simple format. Don’t worry, we’ll update the calendar and post newer versions as we go!
  • Digital Bible Fellowship Classes (DBFC): I also want to encourage you to join a DBFC if you are not already a part of one. As I’ve said before, if you only have one hour to invest in your spiritual walk, I would encourage you to choose a DBFC over listening to me preach. God built us for relationships and we all need the community, discussion, and accountability that can only come from a small group so click here to sign up.

Until Sunday, know that we are praying for all the moms, those who’ve recently lost a mom, and for those who desire to be a mom but for some reason cannot. You are loved, you are being prayed for, and God is still good and has a wonderful plan for your life!


Pastor David



Senior Circle

Saturday, May 9th | 5-6PM

2020 Senior Class (Pdf of Student's Names) 

 Email to Church May 04

Dear Temple Family,

Good evening! Sorry to be a little late in getting this to you but our staff just left an all-day meeting regarding our church reopening strategy. I hope to be able to share something more concrete on Thursday. Until Thursday, will you give me 5 more minutes and complete our bi-weekly church wide survey? Here is the link and the survey will be active for 36 hours.


In addition, if you know of any families in need of help during this season of uncertainty, we have almost 40 families ready and willing to help in some way. For whatever reason, people who have indicated they are in need of help on the survey are reluctant to take the next step of requesting help through the “I Love the Hub” portal. So, let’s pool our collective geniuses and should you know of someone in need of some help and encouragement, let me know by sending me some info at  .

Until Thursday…you are loved and dearly missed.

Pastor David



Email to Church April 30

Hello Temple Family! Thanks for checking out our Thursday update. While there is not a lot of new news to share, I would like to update you on the following:

  • Thank you: Thank you for all of your help and support with the food drive and blood donations. We had 54 people show up to give blood and best we can tell, we’ve delivered somewhere around 10,000 lbs of food to Edwards Street, Christian Ministries, Eagles Next food pantries.
  • Senior Recognition: Be sure to watch the video that came with this email as we will honor and celebrate our high school seniors in a very unique way. My prayer is that we turn out huge for our Seniors and let them know how proud we are of all they’ve accomplished, and how they have handled such an abrupt end to their Senior Year of High School. CLICK HERE for Senior Student List
  • Church Re-Opening: While we don’t have a firm date just yet, our staff is currently talking with community and state leaders and working on various plans related to some type of church reopening. If you’re like me, you are longing to be back with your church family. Please pray for us as we have many decisions to make regarding how we can reopen in a safe yet spirit-led way. We hope to release some type of church-wide re-opening plan within the next 7-10 days. However, as one church leader said this past week, “The bigger the plane the bigger the runway needs to be,” so please be patient with us as we go.

Speaking of church, go ahead and start reading the New Testament letter of James. While we will specifically be looking at James 4:13-17 this Sunday, the entire letter of James is packed with all kinds of practical truths and insights as to how we can and should be living for Christ on a day to day basis. Be sure to check it out and then shoot me an email at   with any questions or observations you might have. I’d love to hear from you! 

Until then know you are loved and dearly missed,

Pastor David

Email to the church April 23

Dear TBC Family,

So is the weather always like this in Mississippi? Seriously…what’s up with three bad storms in a row? In spite of the storms, however, I want you to know how proud I am of our TBC family. Over the last two weeks or so our church family has truly stepped up to the challenge of “Loving God, Loving People and Serving Both”. For example:

  • The Grand Foyer is packed currently with non-perishable food items for three of our local food pantries which we are organizing and will be distributing soon.
  • Disaster relief teams have been out almost daily helping church members and others in our community clean up and repair their properties.
  • 16 people attended and committed to church membership during our first ever ZOOM Discover Temple Class.
  • Thousands continue to watch and worship with us every Sunday on social platforms such as Facebook Live, Roku TV, Apple TV, the church website, and on two of our local TV stations. (Fox at 7AM and ABC at 1PM)
  • Every slot for the Blood Drive scheduled for next Wednesday is filled and both buses will be used at maximum capacity.

Again, thank you for helping us “Love the Hub” and make a difference in the lives of others. God is good and you guys are awesome! 

Speaking of awesome guys, please click here for some communication Pastor Luke Gambill, our Interim Worship Pastor announced just today to his students at William Carey and the Worship Team Members here at TBC. Pastor Luke has been a godsend to us over the last few months and we are excited for all that God has in store for he and his family in the coming days.

We will certainly pass along more information regarding Pastor Luke’s transition, the status of on-campus worship, and future ministry opportunities as they become available. Until then please keep praying for each other, our church, and for wisdom for your entire church staff and leadership.


You are Loved,

Pastor David

Email to the Church April 20

Dear TBC Family,

Happy Monday! I hope this email finds you doing well and thriving during the shelter in place order that is continuing another week. If you are not thriving, please send us an email at   and let us know what we can do to help turn that around! As our church continues to find ways to care for and serve those in our community here are 4 BIG things for you to consider. Thank you in advance for participating in the survey! 

  1. 5 Minute Church Health Survey – Please click on the following link and take a short 25 question survey. Your responses will give our staff a bi-weekly snapshot of the overall spiritual health and concerns of the TBC family. NOTE: This survey is the same as last time by design because it’s the only way to get an accurate snapshot. The survey will be live for 24 hours. Click here to participate
  2. Introducing – We’ve taken survey questions 15 &16 and created a website to better help us connect people who have needs with those are willing and able to help meet those needs. While we cannot promise every need will be met, we will certainly do everything we can to come alongside and encourage you/your family.
  3. Food Pantry Drive – This Tuesday and Wednesday we will be collecting non-perishable food items (Click Here for Food List) for the Edwards Street, Eagles Nest at USM, and Christian Ministries Food Pantries. Drop off times are 9AM—5PM at the Grand Foyer Entrance. TBC staff will be present to assist you!
  4. Blood Drive – Mark your calendar and sign up (Click Here to Sign up) to donate blood next Wednesday, April 29 from 9AM – 3PM. Two buses from Mississippi Blood Services will be parked in the TBC parking lot to assist you. Now more than ever our blood donations are needed. I’ve already signed up and encourage you to join me!

As I shared during yesterday’s message, “If we want to thrive AFTER the coronavirus crisis is over then we must do everything we can to thrive DURING it.” We can thrive during this crisis by being honest with ourselves and with others about how we truly feel and what we truly need. We can also thrive by continuing to find ways to love and serve those around us. So, let’s be available but not careless as we keep pursuing Jesus and serving others throughout the day.

You are Loved,

Pastor David



Email to the Church April 16

Dear TBC Family,

Happy Thursday! Here are some practical ways we can serve our community during the Shelter in Place order:

  1. Food Drive – The next time you’re out be sure to pick up some non-perishable food items for the Edwards Street, Eagles Nest at USM, and Christian Ministries Food Pantry. The list of needed items can be found here and drop off times are next Tuesday and Wednesday from 9AM—5PM at the Grand Foyer Entrance. TBC staff will be present to assist you!
  2. Blood Drive – Last week we partnered with Mississippi Blood Services to host a much needed blood drive. The blood drive will take place in the church parking lot on Wednesday, April 29 from 9AM – 3PM. Click here to sign up and reserve a slot.  
  3. Disaster Relief – Disaster Relief Teams from Temple continue to serve those affected by the recent tornados. If you need help OR if you would like to help with relief efforts please email us at 

Finally, in the recent online survey, 56% of you indicated that you were “Concerned a Little” (50%) or “Concerned a Lot (6%) about Temple’s financial situation. In light of that, here is a brief update. Up until the COVID-19 outbreak, Temple’s giving was 16% ahead of where it was at the same point a year ago. While that percentage has dropped quite a bit, we are still blessed (as of last week) to be 5.5% ahead of giving over this same week a year ago. Here are the facts:

  • The first Sunday (03/15) with no Worship the total offering was $46,749
  • We have reduced our day to day expenses by over $40k to a new weekly required amount of $90K
  • Last four Sunday offerings have averaged over $132,000
  • Online giving has increased from 25% of weekly offerings to now around 50%
  • In addition to our current weekly giving, which is strong, we have unrestricted cash and reserves totaling 3 months of expenses if needed.

As you can see, the LORD continues to bless Temple! As of right now, our overall financial position is healthy and our church leadership is doing a fantastic job in leading TBC during this unique season of ministry. I want to say “thank you” to everyone for your continued faithfulness, prayers, service, and participation. Our online worship numbers are averaging over 7K each week and I am still getting emails from first time guests and prayer requests from people all over America. If you need prayer, or if there is some way TBC can come alongside and pray, please let me know at  . You can also make an online gift to the day to day ministries of Temple by clicking here.

Thanks for your time and as we head into the weekend, go ahead and read John 11 to get a head start on the message.

You are Loved,

Pastor David


Email to the Church April 14

Dear TBC Family,

Well, that was different wasn’t it….worshipping at home on Easter Sunday? As  reflect back over the weekend’s services not only am I thankful and grateful for Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross but I am also thankful and grateful for the entire Media Team at Temple, and the countless hours of hard work and sacrifice they continue to put into making it all happen. As you can imagine, stopping on a dime and reinventing how we do the weekend services is and was no easy task. While Temple doesn’t have all the technology needed to make our online services the absolutely best they can be (HD cameras and projections systems, HD compatible screens, etc.), what Tanner Cade and the media team have done truly is amazing! If you would like to send the media a team a note of encouragement you can do so by emailing them at   . In the meantime, here is some information for you:

  • Love the Hub Food Drive – Now more than ever the Edwards Street, Eagles Nest at USM, and Christian Services food pantries are in need of the following items (click here for full list). While you are out making a grocery run please pick up some of the items listed and drop them off at Temple Baptist Church.
    • Drop off days will be today from 9AM-5PM at the Grand Foyer Entrance, as well as, next Tuesday (4/21) and Wednesday (4/22)(same time and place). We will have staff present to collect the items so there will be no need for you get out of your car, etc.
  • Storm Clean Up – We have numerous TBC members working alongside trained Disaster Relief Personnel throughout the greater Hattiesburg area.
    • If you have experienced damage to your home or property and you are in need of help, please email us at   with your name, address, and a brief description of the need and we will do our best to send some volunteers your way.

Thank you for taking the time to reach and process this information. I pray you have a great week.

You are loved,

Pastor David


(email to church April 10)

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you are having a great passion week and that all is well with your family. As always, if there is any way that I / our staff can pray for you or if you have any needs that our church family can help with please let me know by sending us an email at . We have people ready and willing to help if needed.


As we head into the weekend and beyond here are some reminders:

  • Good Friday Service - Join us on Friday (tomorrow) at 12PM for a special Good Friday Service. We will have worship and then seven of our staff will speak into the seven final saying of Jesus from the cross. This unique and inspiring service should last approximately 45 minutes. You can watch online at tbclife.netfacebookRokuApple TV, and TBCLIFE mobile apps
  • Easter Sunday – Sunday at 10:30AM we will celebrate Jesus’ resurrection! Truly, this will be the biggest Easter weekend EVER at Temple Baptist Church. The TBC Choir will also be making a special appearance so don’t miss it! You can also watch online at the same places at tbclife.netfacebookRokuApple TV, and TBCLIFE mobile apps
  • Love the Hub Food Drive – We’ve reached out to the Edwards Street, Eagles Nest at USM, and Christian Services food pantries and they are in need of the following items (click here for full list). While you are out making a grocery run please pick up some of the items listed and drop them off at Temple Baptist Church.

Drop off days will be will 4/13 and 4/14, as well as, 4/21 and 4/22 from 9-5PM at the Grand Foyer entrance.


Next week we will drop some additional information regarding a future blood drive and a more efficient way for you to either get help OR help others who are in need. Your continued and faithful giving is making a difference and will be needed in the days to come. After a rough financial start to this crisis, the financial giving to TBC has been STRONG and we are in a great position currently. You can make a financial investment into our ministries by clicking here or snail mail your gift to Temple Baptist Church, 5220 Old Highway 11. Hattiesburg, MS. 39402.


Praying for a wonderful few days ahead, and I am excited about what God has in store for our church family in the days to come!

You are Loved,


Pastor David


(Email to Church Monday, April 6)

Dear Church Family,

Happy Monday! To keep things short I’ll get right to it:

  • 5 Minute Church Health Survey: Please click on the following link and take a short 25 question survey. Your responses will give our staff a weekly snapshot of the overall spiritual heath of the TBC family, as well as, help us shape our weekly content. Click here to participate…
  • Passion Week Bible Reading PlanClick here to download a copy of our Passion week Bible reading plan that follows the final steps and moments of Jesus’ life. Let’s all read this together as we prepare our hearts and minds for Easter.
  • 12PM Good Friday Service: Join us online for a special Good Friday service that will include a time of worship and teaching as 7 members of our staff share a 5 minute mini-message on the seven final sayings of Jesus! The entire service should last no longer than 45 minutes.
  • Easter Sunday Worship: Be sure to tune in for our Easter Sunday service at 10:30AM. Easter is a great time to invite people to watch so let’s be sure to invite at least 5 of our family/friends/neighbors to join us for church online!
  • School Feeding Program ON HOLD: Last Friday the Lamar County School Board voted to stop all of the weekly food distribution for at least two weeks. Thank you to everyone who has already served and to those who had signed up to serve. We will let you know if and when the school feeding program starts back up.
  • New Church Office Hours: Until further notice our new church office hours are Wednesday’s only from 9AM – 5PM.

Thanks in advance to participating in the survey and for being engaged. Your participation and weekly giving (giving link) is what allows ministry to continue during this current season of life. Please pray for our church family, for those around you, and keep on finding ways to “Love God, Love People, and Serve Both”.

As always, if you have a prayer need or if there is something we can do for you/your family please send me an email at  .

Blessings and God’s best,
Pastor David


(Email to Church Thursday, April 2)

Hello Church Family,

Thanks for checking out our Thursday update! While not a lot has changed, everything has changed with the new “Shelter In Place” order that Governor Reeves is implementing starting Friday at 5PM. For weeks our church has been preparing for this moment so rest assured we have plans in place for continued Sunday services and mid-week content online, daily devotionals thru the, and being good stewards of both our staff and financial resources. Our team is doing a great job and I want to encourage you to find ways to express your appreciation to all. In the meantime, here are a few updates

  • COMMUNION AT HOME: Get your supplies ready and let’s celebrate communion with those in our home this Sunday at 10:30AM. We will wrap up our series on "The Garden" and take Communion towards the end of the message.
    • Needs of Southern Miss: In addition to the item below, you can visit to register to help meet some needs for USM college students. Even though a lot of student have gone home, international students are still on campus and service opportunities to help range from grocery pick up, technology help for online learning, to temporary housing. Go Eagles!! 
    • #TheHattiesburgWay: The City of Hattiesburg has created a website for those within our community needing help and those within our community wanting to help. For more information and /or to sign up please visit #TheHattiesburgWay is organized and facilitated by the City of Hattiesburg and not Temple Baptist Church.
  • EASTER SERVICES: As Easter approaches be sure to invite those within your circle of influence to join us online at 10:30AM on Apple TV, Roku, Facebook, TBCLIFE mobile app, and With so many people on their phones and overwhelmed with messages, etc, let’s go "old school" and VERBALLY invite people to join us
  • PLANS WE ARE WORKING ON: While plans can change at any moment we are currently working on a food drive for our local food pantry’s, a Blood Drive on our church campus, and a post Easter sermon series that speaks into the days and times we are currently living in. Details to follow…

As we do our best to keep you informed, please remember that your one stop shop for all things related to Temple in this season of ministry is Also, if you have any questions that either myself or our staff can answer, simply send me an email to   and we will do our best to answer your question as quickly and accurately as possible.

You are loved and we are always here if you need us.

Pastor David