Bible Fellowship

Bible Fellowship groups meet Sundays on campus at 9:00AM & 10:30AM. The groups are ongoing & open to everyone with the purpose of connection and Bible understanding/application.
Bible Fellowship Guide

Equipping Classes

Equipping Classes meet Wednesdays at 6:00PM.
These classes are short-term, topical groups to equip in the four values of Temple. Preschool, Children, Students meet at same time.
Equipping Classes

Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Groups usually form out of Bible Fellowships for those that are hungry to take the next step in their spiritual journey. More information below.


Can I just show up or is there some kind of registration?

Bible Fellowships are open groups which meet year-round on Sundays, therefore, you can just show up. Equipping Classes, with a couple of exceptions, are open groups as well and you can just show up. However, since these are short term groups, pre-registration helps leaders know who to expect and helps administration know what size room to use and how many books (if the class uses books) to have on hand. Discipleship Groups are closed groups. Once a group is formed, the group doesn’t change. See the Discipleship Group section on how to get involved.

What should I bring with me?

A Bible or bible app would be helpful as in most all groups you will study the Bible. You may even want to bring a pen and notebook.

Will I be called on to read, pray, or answer questions in front of others?

As a guest the answer is no, group leaders certainly don’t want to put guests on the spot. As relationships are built in a group, a group facilitator desires to engage people in discussion and involvement. Group ministry is more effective and useful to the group and individual when relationships and engagement grow.

How can I find out more about specific groups?

At the top of the Groups page, there are links to abbreviated lists of groups for Sundays and Wednesdays. To find out more info on these groups, scroll down to Find Your Group and click on the desired group type. You will find a list of each group. Click on the desired group and you will find more detailed information such as group size, teaching style, activities, curriculum, etc. We encourage you to visit multiple groups to find your place.

Do all groups meet on the church campus?

Bible Fellowships and Equipping Classes meet on campus. Bible Fellowships meet weekly on Sunday mornings. Each Bible Fellowship also has different activities throughout the year that may happen off campus like social get-togethers, trips, retreats, serving in the community, and smaller bible studies or discipleship groups that form out of their Bible Fellowship. Equipping Classes meet mostly on Wednesday nights on campus. Discipleship Groups can meet anytime or anywhere.

Do I have to be a Bible scholar to participate in a group?

No. Bible Fellowships and Equipping Classes are designed to be open to all—non-Christian, new Chirstian, or seasoned Christian. Discipleship Groups are meant for Christians hungry to grow in faith.

Is there a place for my kids?

There are groups/ministries for all ages on Sunday mornings & Wednesday nights. Find out more information about what those ministries offer at these links:

What time do Bible Fellowships on Sundays start?

There are two different times: 9am groups and 10:30am groups. These are the official start times. Unofficially, all groups start at slightly different times.
Many 9am groups start a little later as people naturally arrive later for different reasons. Most people going to the 10:30 a.m. groups come from the worship service. The service end time varies (before or after 10am) and may determine the start time for the Bible Fellowship that week. Also, many of the 10:30 a.m. groups share their classroom with a 9am group so this can affect the start time. The 9am group is supposed to be walking out by 10:15 a.m. to accommodate the next group using the space.
Some 10:30 a.m. Bible Fellowships do not have a group meeting at 9am before them in their classroom, therefore they may start earlier than 10:30 a.m.

Discipleship GROUPS

What are Discipleship Groups?

Closed groups for the purpose of training existing believers for a defined amount of time to make disciples of Jesus.

  • Included is high accountability, growth in the character and competencies of Jesus, with a goal to produce multipliers.
  • These are gender specific groups of up to five people with a facilitator. They can meet anywhere, at any time. Many utilize Wednesday nights on campus.
  • The curriculum tool used is DiscipleFirst. These three workbooks each consist of seven weeks of content that train people to walk with God, reach their world, and invest in a few.

How do I get involved?

  • Most often by personal invitation. If interested, connect with a Bible Fellowship and ask your Bible Fellowship's leadership about Discipleship Groups.
  • You can also get involved by filling out this FORM or contacting Mike Treat for more information.
  • Interested in starting a group? Please fill out this FORM.


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