Do you wonder if you're called to ministry? Do you aspire to serve others through the local church? Are you considering full-time or part-time ministry? Consider applying for the Aspire Program. Aspire is Temple's ministry intern program for individuals who are sophomores in college or older. 

The Apostle Paul wrote these words to his friend and fellow pastor, Timothy, “Here is a trustworthy saying: Whoever aspires to be an overseer desires a noble task.”(1 Tim 3:1) The word for aspire in the Greek is ὀρέγοuαι, which means to reach out after or long for. An aspiration for ministry is a noble longing, one that the local church is responsible for identifying, equipping, and sending. This is the idea behind the Aspire Program. We desire to allow men and women to serve in a supervised ministry context, getting practical ministry training.


  • Born again Christian

  • Sophomore in college or older

  • Enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program

  • Do not have to be a member of TBC but must actively participate during the internship

  • Member of a Southern Baptist Church for two years

Applications are open until October 31, 2023 for Spring 2024 internships.

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spring 2024 positions

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Children/Preteen/4 Friends Ministry Intern

Children/Preteen/4 Friends(ministry to friends with special needs) Ministry Intern

The Children/Preteen/4 Friends Ministry intern at Temple Baptist Church will provide part-time help in accomplishing the five-year vision and mission of TBC as carried out through our children, preteen, and 4 Friends ministries of TBC. The intern reports directly to the Children’s Coordinator and Preteen Pastor.


The ministry intern will assist with Preschool and Children ministries and receive hands-on experience by:

  • Preparing for and teaching Bible Fellowship classes

The intern may participate in College Bible Fellowship one Sunday a month

  • Filling Sunday morning worship bags
  • Must be available on Sunday mornings
  • Must be available on Wednesday afternoons and evenings
  • Working on special events (camps, VBS, Night to Shine, baptism classes, etc.)
  • Assisting with Wednesday night programming (fall and spring semesters)
  • Running errands
  • Gathering classroom supplies
  • Help with set up and clean up
  • Recruiting other college students to serve
  • Willing to serve in Preschool and Children ministries
  • Other assigned duties

Student Ministry 6th-12th grades

 The Student Ministry Intern comes alongside our student staff in equipping our students to leverage their influence and lead others to Christ.



  • Greeting students and families as they enter the Refuge
  • Helping to ensure that BF roles are completed
  • Being open to subbing and teaching for BF Teachers


  • Attending pre-service prayer time at 3:45 in the Refuge
  • Being present on Wednesday nights to assist with tasks and ministry and to assist the Timothy interns in their weekly duties.
  • Setup all the ipads for check-in in the refuge
  • Greeting new students and families / directing people on where to go
  • Be available to counsel at the end of services
  • Lead games and other service elements


  • Attending the weekly Timothy spiritual development meetings on Wednesdays at 4:00 PM.
  • Assisting our student staff in utilizing our social media platforms and creating a consistent digital footprint with good communication.
  • Assist with administrative tasks as needed.
  • Doing weekly student follow up with students of the same gender.
  • Going through spiritual development with one or all the student ministry staff members.
  • Assisting in keeping the refuge clean, aesthetically appealing, and a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Assisting with campus outreach by helping brainstorm ideas, facilitate events, and attend outreach events.
  • Being available and being a team player.

Communication & Design Ministry Intern

Communication and Design Ministry Intern

Job Description 

The Communications Ministry Intern at Temple Baptist Church will provide part-time help in accomplishing the five-year vision and mission of TBC as carried out through the media ministry of TBC.


 The ministry intern will assist the communication ministry and receive hands on experience by:

  • Preparing Sunday sermon slides
  • Editing and sending weekly senior pastor email
  • Capturing events/camps through photography
  • Handling website requests
  • Overseeing website copywriting for consistency
  • Assisting with social media designs and copywriting
  • Handling livestream script copywriting
  • Adding events to website calendar
  • Assisting with design request
  • Helping other ministry areas with social media content

Production Ministry Intern

Production Ministry Intern

The Production Ministry Intern will work closely with the Production Director to carry out the mission and vison of Temple.


The production ministry intern will assist production ministry by:

  • Assisting in weekly services on campus ie: taking photos & videos or operating production elements (sound, video, computer graphics, or lights)
  • Participating in pre and post production process, editing & posting of content
  • Helping with set-up/operation of various functions including special campus events.
  • Assisting staff in producing multimedia content for other ministries and departments.
  • Shadowing staff and volunteers through onboarding and training for various roles.
  • Recruiting other volunteers to serve. 
  • Working on special events (camps, VBS, Night to Shine, baptism classes, etc.)
  • Collaborating in producing multimedia content for other ministries and departments.

 *Must be available on Sunday mornings, and Wednesday afternoons & evenings


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How many hours a week is the internship?

20 hours

How long does the internship last?

5 months, or roughly a school semester

Are the internships paid?

Yes. Each intern is paid an hourly wage

Can I have another job during the internship?

Yes, as long as the hours do not interfere with your schedule at the church

Do I have to be a member of Temple?

You do not have to be a member. However, during the internship, you will be expected to be involved in the life of Temple.

aspire program coordinators

Drew Chapman

Next Steps and Outreach Pastor

office: 601-450-3080

Beth McDaniel

Hospitality and Connections Coordinator

office: 6014503035