Q & A Regarding Pastor David Douglas’ Departure to Lead True North Church in Rochester, N.Y.

Q: What is True North Church, I didn’t know we had a church plant?

A: True North Church (TNC) is a church plant in Rochester N.Y. that Temple started back in March 25, 2018. Three families moved to Rochester to help launch TNC in January 2019. Two college students from Temple are also currently serving through our GAP ministry at TNC as well. The Campus Pastor of TNC resigned on June 30, 2019 and since that time the leadership of Temple Baptist Church has been searching for his replacement.

Q: Why is Pastor David Douglas leaving Temple to lead True North Church?

A: From the very beginning Pastor David has felt drawn to the people and community of Rochester. After months of prayer and discussion as a family, the Douglas family firmly believes leaving Temple to lead TNC is God’s next step for their lives. The Personnel Committee and Temple staff fully support the reassignment of Pastor David to Rochester.

Q: When will the Douglas Family move to Rochester?

A: The simple answer is by the end of December if not before. Both personally and with 5220 there are many details to work out. Pastor David wants to make sure that his family, True North Church, and 5220 is set up for success going forward.

Q: Where will the Douglas family live while in Rochester? 

A: As of right now the Douglas family plans on living in one of the rental properties given to Temple back in March of 2018.  These 4 rental properties are located immediately behind the TNC church building.  Living directly behind the church which will make for an easy commute and allow the Douglas family to truly be a part of the community in which the church is located.  

Q: Who will take over leadership of 5220 and the Sports Ministry?

A: In the short term, Jansen Bounds, John David Fortenberry, and Tami Sanders will assume the day to day responsibilities. Jansen and John David have worked and led 5220 in part-time staff positions since 2014 and 2013 respectively. Tami has been the Recreation Ministry Assistant since 2009 and all are very equipped to assume this responsibility. Going forward, the Temple staff and Personnel Committee will evaluate the ministry and determine the appropriate next steps.

Q: Who will assume the mission’s responsibilities Pastor David is currently responsible for?

A: Discussions are already underway to ensure these responsibilities are clearly identified and carried out by the pastors, directors, and support staff who are already doing such a great job leading Temple Baptist Church. Ariel Howell, our Missions Ministry Assistant, will play a key part in the transition.  We will post additional details about the mission’s responsibilities as they become available so please check this page regularly for updates.

Q: What can I do to help?

Three things: Pray, Give, and Go.

PRAY for this transition to go smoothly for all. Pray for the current staff and ministries of Temple. Pray for the team in Rochester as they prepare for the Douglas’ arrival and opportunities the holiday season offers them to reach people for Christ. Pray for the Douglas family and their kids as they prepare to move, and for all current staff at Temple. Going forward you can also follow the TNC facebook page for real-time updates and information regarding the day to day ministries in Rochester.

GIVE faithfully to the ministries of Temple Baptist Church knowing that part of your financial gifts go to help fund True North Church and the Douglas’ transition.

GO on one of the many trips that are already schedule to Rochester. Look at upcoming trips